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dc.contributor.authorCau, A. (Antonio)en
dc.contributor.authorJanicke, Helgeen
dc.contributor.authorSiewe, Francoisen
dc.contributor.authorZedan, Husseinen
dc.contributor.authorJones, Kevin
dc.identifier.citationJanicke, H. et al. (2006) A compositional event and time-based policy model. Proceedings of the 7th IEEE Internatioanl workshop on policies for distributed systems and networks (POLICY 2006), pp. 173-182.
dc.descriptionThe paper is a deliverable for the DIF-DTC project "Secure and Trusted Agents for Information Fusion", which aims to develop a dynamic security policy framework. Policies are increasingly used to govern the behaviour of complex distributed systems. Most policy models that allow policy composition are only concerned with structural composition. It is natural to compose policies also along the temporal axis, i.e. they can dynamically change over time or on the occurrence of events. The policy framework is currently extended to deal with trust in a follow-on DIF-DTC project ”Trust Management in Collaborative Systems".en
dc.subjectRAE 2008
dc.subjectUoA 23 Computer Science and Informatics
dc.titleA compositional event and time-based policy modelen
dc.researchgroupSoftware Technology Research Laboratory (STRL)
dc.researchinstituteCyber Technology Institute (CTI)en

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