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dc.contributor.authorPei, Eujinen
dc.identifier.citationE. Pei (2014) 4D Printing – A Paradigm Shift in Additive Manufacture. 3D Printing Industry, Industry Insights:en
dc.description.abstractAdvancements in AM hardware and increasing knowledge of material science have led to an emerging technology cycle. This is 4D printing where time as the fourth dimension is combined with conventional 3D printing processes. It is not about how long it takes to print a part; but rather the fact that a 3D printed object, after being built, still continues to evolve over time (Pei, 2014). It is also not limited to a particular type of 3D printing technique, part geometry or the type of material being used. 4D printing is unique because printed parts can still physically or chemically change by responding to the surrounding environment. The key ingredient is the selective use of adaptive, biomimetic composites whereby parts can re-shape when subjected to external stimuli.en
dc.publisher3D Printing Industryen
dc.subject3D printingen
dc.subject4D printingen
dc.subjectAdditive Manufacturingen
dc.subjectEmerging Technologiesen
dc.title4D Printing – A Paradigm Shift in Additive Manufactureen
dc.researchgroupDesign and New Product Developmenten

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