Sarah Turner–Eco-artist and designer through craft-based upcycling

Sung, Kyungeun
Cooper, Tim
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Craft Research
Peer reviewed
Sarah Turner is an eco-artist and designer who practices craft-based upcycling with waste plastic bottles and cans to create lighting, sculpture and decorative home interior products. Since 1998, her enthusiasm, creativity and good will have allowed her to gain several high-profile client commissions and to win awards from design, innovation and business competitions. The aim of this portrait is to introduce Sarah’s work and shed light on the resources, knowledge and skills involved in her practice and on the barriers to and drivers for her craft-based upcycling. We consider that Sarah’s work could be one of the stepping stones for a shift towards more sustainable craft practice, both in the United Kingdom and beyond. By exploring the right ingredients for craft-based upcycling, barriers liable to be faced and key drivers that stimulate motivation, we hope that this portrait will inspire and attract more designers and makers to embed upcycling in their future practice.
This work was undertaken in the Sustainable Consumption Research Group at Nottingham Trent University.
craft, upcycling, design, waste management
Sung, K. and Cooper, T. (2015) Sarah Turner–Eco-artist and designer through craft-based upcycling. Craft Research, 6 (1), pp.113-122
Research Institute
Institute of Art and Design