Changes and developments in dance education from 1965-1996 and an evaluation of the contribution made by Jacqueline Smith-Autard




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This exposition accompanies twenty items of published materials submitted in partial fulfilment of the Ph.D. degree. It demonstrates the consistency of direction in my published contributions to the changes and developments in dance in education over a thirty year period. All the publications focus on content and methods of teaching dance and therefore address the perceived needs of teachers and students. A critical review of my work considers the relevance of my publications in this practical dance context. The evaluation of my role in developing and changing dance pedagogy takes account of the constant two way interaction between my reflective research in the practical dance context and the influences of : a) evolutionary developments in dance in education b) literature focused on content and methodologies for dance in education, and c) the innovatory practices of key teachers of dance. The exposition will show how these influences have affected my practice and publications. The overall aim of the exposition is to evaluate my publications as contributions to changes and developments in the practice of dance teaching. The exposition also aims to demonstrate the validity of my publications as responses to the wider problems and issues in dance in education prevalent from 1965-1996. The exposition is presented in four chapters. The introductory chapter identifies the main intentions and signals the practitioner bias of the study. Chapters 2 and 3 take a chronological path through the time span and evaluate my publications in relation to other publications which also focus _on content and methods of teaching dance in education. These chapters are prefaced with a chronological "map" to help the reader discern the interrelationships between the evolutionary developments, the writings of others and my publications. Chapter 4 is particularly concerned with evaluation of my main contributions to the changes and developments witnessed in dance teaching and learning in education during the period 1965-1996. Here, a consideration of the influence of key practitioners on my developing thinking and practice constitutes an important element in the evaluation of my contributions. The practitioner orientation of the exposition will possibly benefit from substantiation of my contributions in developments in dance in education beyond the submitted publications. To this end, the testimonials in Appendix 3 lend greater objectivity to the study.





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