A Memetic Differential Evolution Approach in Noisy Optimization




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This paper proposes amemetic approach for solving complex optimization problems characterized by a noisy fitness function. The proposed approach aims at solving highly multivariate and multi-modal landscapes which are also affected by a pernicious noise. The proposed algorithm employs a Differential Evolution framework and combines within this three additional algorithmic components. A controlled randomization of scale factor and crossover rate are employed which should better handle uncertainties of the problem and generally enhance performance of the Differential Evolution. Two combined local search algorithms applied to the scale factor, during offspring generation, should enhance performance of the Differential Evolution framework in the case of multi-modal and high dimensional problems. An on-line statistical test aims at assuring that only strictly necessary samples are taken and that all pairwise selections are properly performed. The proposed algorithm has been tested on a various set of test problems and its behavior has been studied, dependent on the dimensionality and noise level. A comparative analysis with a standard Differential Evolution, a modern version of Differential Evolution employing randomization of the control parameters and four metaheuristics tailored to optimization in a noisy environment has been carried out. One of these metaheuristics is a classical algorithm for noisy optimization while the other three are modern Differential Evolution based algorithms for noisy optimization which well represent the state-of-theart in the field. Numerical results show that the proposed memetic approach is an efficient and robust alternative for various and complex multivariate noisy problems and can be exported to real-world problems affected by a noise whose distribution can be approximated by a Gaussian distribution.



differential evolution, scale factor local search, noise analysis, noisy optimization


Mininno, E. and Neri, F. (2010) A Memetic Differential Evolution Approach in Noisy Optimization. Memetic Computing Journal, Springer, 2 (2), pp. 111-135


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Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IAI)