The Persuasion Game: Developing a Serious Game Based Model for Information Warfare and Influence Studies




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In an age of hybrid, asymmetric, and non-linear conflict, the role of Information Operations has become ever more important; this paper presents a study of a recent research project. The project examined ways of better enabling stakeholders to respond to the increasing use of influence in warfare, hybrid conflict, competition, and the realms of hard and soft politics. An international and cross-sector research group drawing on military, government, and academic expertise from seven different countries met in October 2018 to understand the best way to wargame influence. In the space of four weeks, the group worked towards the successful achievement of their initial goal; the creation of an influence wargaming community supported by a modular wargaming package and development roadmap. This paper introduces the context which has led to the establishment of the multi-national, multi-disciplinary team; discusses the reasons for employing serious gaming as a research tool for studying influence; outlines the development of the project of its initial four-week span; and summarises the initial key findings and directions for further research. The use of wargaming as a training and research tool is familiar in both the military and civil contexts; the project discussed here presents a truly innovative approach to influence studies, and shows the benefits of an interdisciplinary, cross-domain research team. The final section introduces a new influence wargaming framework that has emerged from the study.


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Cyber Security, Information Operations, Influence, Serious Gaming, Wargaming


Ormrod, D, Scott, K., Scheinman, L., Kodalle, T, Sample, C., and Turnbull, B. (2019). The Persuasion Game: Developing a Serious Game Based Model for Information Warfare and Influence Studies. In: Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security. Coimbra, Portugal, July 2019.


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