Suite (piano and electroacoustic) (2001/2002) composition (16’08), recording and publication (53’47), performances (published by nonclassical 002)




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The idea for the composition was to treat the piano as a giant sound-box and to get the effect of the whole instrument vibrating; and, to produce a meditative state, where the listener gradually gets drawn into the textures and starts imagining and hearing sounds out of the ‘aural mist’ that emanates from the inside of the piano. This was achieved by placing a loudspeaker inside the piano and playing back electroacoustic textures through the loudspeaker to generate sympathetic vibrations. The piano part is part derived from a transcription of the electronic feedback that accompanies the piano. The piece addresses a number of ongoing research questions that are central to my work. These include adapting methods that enable flexibility between a performer and sound on a fixed medium; using sound generated indeterminately through processes and improvisation to dictate structure; and blurring the boundary between perceived electronic and acoustic sound. The piece was composed for the Ukrainian pianist GéNIA (Chudinovich) and has been performed internationally, including at Lewis University, USA, 2002, and Illinois Central College, USA, 2002. Suite has also been performed in the UK at the Museum of Garden History, London, 2005, and Cargo, London, 2006. The piece was also featured at COMA Summer School, 2004. In 2006, the piece was re-worked for a CD publication on nonclassical records. In addition to the original composition, the CD also includes re-mixes/workings by a number of eminent electronic musicians: Tim Wright (Tubejerk/Germ), Derailer (John Matthias, David and Andy Prior), Max De Wardener, Vex’d, The EarlyMan and Gabriel Prokofiev. The piece has received numerous broadcasts including: BBC Radio 3, The Late Junction; BBC Radio 1, Mary Anne Hobbs Show; Resonance FM; Radio Sauvagine, Bordeaux, France; and Klassika Raadio, Estonia.


RAE 2008, UoA 67 Music



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