Electronic Patient Record Security Policy in Saudi Arabia National Health Service




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De Montfort University


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Saudi Arabia is in the process of implementing Electronic Patient Records (EPR) throughout its National Health services. One of the key challenges during the adoption process is the security of EPR. This thesis investigates the current state of EPR security in Saudi Arabia’s National Health Services (SA NHS) both from a policy perspective and with regard to its implementation in SA NHS’s information systems. To facilitate the analysis of EPR security, an EPR model has been developed that captures the information that is stored as part of the electronic record system in conjunction with stated security requirements. This model is used in the analysis of policy consistency and to validate operational reality against stated policies at various levels within the SA NHS. The model is based on a comprehensive literature survey and structured interviews which established the current state of practice with respect to EPRs in a representative Saudi Arabian hospital. The key contribution of this research is the development and evaluation of a structured and model-based analysis approach to EPR security at the early adoption stage in SA, based on types of information present in EPRs and the needs of the users of EPRs. The key findings show that the SA EPR adoption process is currently proceeding without serious consideration for security policy to protect EPR and a lack of awareness amongst hospital staff.



information security, access control policy, EPR, Saudi Arabia



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