Design and promotion of cost-effective IOT-based heart rate monitoring


The term telemedicine was first used in the 1920s, although used many years ago and has continued to evolve today. Medical diagnoses usually require visual information, but remote display systems have recently become a special place due to the constant unavailability of the treating physician or the remoteness of medical centers and the constant need of some patients for round-the-clock care. In this article, an Arduino-based heart rate information system is designed and implemented. Due to the reasonable price and easy accessibility of the created system in the fraction, it has many applications. The results of the designed system showed the system's capabilities to track and know the person's heart rate



BPM, UNO, W5100, IP, DNS, Mac address


Moshayedi, A.J., Kolahdooz, A., Roy, A.S., Latifi Rostami, S.A. and Xie, X. (2022) Design and promotion of cost-effective IOT-based heart rate monitoring. Proc. SPIE 12303, International Conference on Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Computer Applications (CICA 2022), 123031N (28 July 2022)


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Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IAI)