Local governance under austerity: Hybrid organisations and hybrid officers


Using the case of Cardiff, Wales, we argue that the hybridisation of local governance forms is exacerbated by the downscaling and offloading of austerity politics. Conceptualising hybridity as a process which operates across governmental scales, at the organisational and at the individual level helps understand the growing complexities of local governance under austerity and the tensions which arise in seeking to assemble locally appropriate ideas and practices. Conceptualising hybridity as practice, we consider how ‘hybrid officers’ at the frontline experience austerity, their situated agency, and the implications for higher levels of governance.


This paper is a result from the research project 'TRANSGOB' led by Dr Ismael Blanco at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. The project's website: https://transgob.net/


third sector, partnership, situated agency, practice


Pill, M and V. Guarneros-Meza (2017) Local governance under asuterity: hybrid organisations and hybrid officers, Policy & Politics, accepted and to be published online April 2017


Research Institute

Local Governance Research Centre (LGRC)
Centre for Urban Research on Austerity (CURA)