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What relationships are generated between still images and object, and the image as an object on film? How does the act of looking operate as a process of research? Still Life, Still Lights focuses on the pedagogical environment and the conditions of creative thinking & material making. The outputs embed reflexivity in their concept, process and form. The underlying research questions also address the significance of artist’s processes within our political and cultural climate. This body of work has been in development over several years during which time significant collaborations and professional working relationships have enabled a deeper understanding and a variety of contexts in which to test and progress ideas. These have included studio practice, facilitated workshops, publications, learning resources, film screenings and exhibitions, events and public activities.

The practice is cited in Tate publications and essays including Looking as Research – Anna Lucas, and In Site of Conversation, Tate Publishing 2017 and was widely distributed through Serpentine Galleries Summer Pavilions 2016.. In it’s various forms it has been disseminated widely both in print, on-line and through direct engagement with the public.   Existing projects/outputs as films or publications from research include Opi 21, Oopsy Daisy, Tiger Lily, Tintype Gallery exhibition and on-line presence Bench, Group Exhibition at Tintype Gallery with Sir Richard Wentworth, Turner prize winners Assemble, Borlase Smart Studio, film distributed as part of Circuit Festival, Tate St.Ives, and at The Gallery, De Montfort University curated by AMAGS MA students University of Leicester, Loose Parts, 2000 Printed objects as Learning resource and 16mm film distributed by Serpentine Gallery, London as part of the International Summer Pavilion Architecture project. Publication outcomes I have written or in which this work is cited, include Looking as research – booklet distributed online and in print by Tate Schools and Teachers In Site of Conversation – Turvey, Walton, Daly. Tate publishing 2017, Slow Reveal – Lucas, Scott, Turvey. Tintype Publishers, a limited edition artists publication for events and distribution designed by Shining Studio.


Further research in this context is continuing as PHD study The photograph as an object on film, at Kingston University.   My work is best understood and contextualised through my personal artist website


Photo Object Film, History of Photography, Photography, Artists Moving Image, Double looking, visual perception, ontology, reflexivity, Tintype Gallery, Slow Reveal, Essex Road, Loose Parts theory, Serpentine Galleries, Gallery learning, pedagogy



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