Communicating and Contextualising New Product Development Tools and Methods for Engineering Students




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Royal Academy of Engineering - National HE STEM Programme



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The nature of New Product Development (NPD) is poorly understood by undergraduate engineering students but can be a challenging and rewarding career for those who chose to work in the field. The aim of this project was to provide a web-based tool that would make the design elements of undergraduate courses more attractive by showing how knowledge translates to real products and to provide real life examples of the design process to help students to understand and relate to abstract engineering design principles. Some of the content of the tool, called CoLab, was derived from a PhD that was undertaken at Loughborough Design School by Dr Eujin Pei and supervised by Dr Mark Evans (with a background in industrial design) and Dr Ian Campbell (with a background in engineering design). The CoLab website supports understanding in the nature of NPD by providing 35 examples of the key sketches, drawings, models and prototypes that are used by both engineering designers and industrial designers. To facilitate understanding and collaboration, the taxonomy is extended to provide information on the different ways in which engineering designers and industrial designers use the 35 design representations i.e. when they are used and what types of information (design or technical).



new product development, engineering design, design tool, visual design representations, industrial design


Evans, M.A. and Pei, E. (2011)Communicating and Contextualising New Product Development Tools and Methods for Engineering Students. Royal Academy of Engineering, Higher Education Academy Engineering Subject Centre Dissemination Seminar (13 September 2011)


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