Afterword: New Wave, New Hollywood, New Research




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This chapter reviews the wealth of recent English language publications on American cinema of the late 1960s and 1970s, and situates the work presented in the edited collection for which it serves as an afterword within this literature. The chapter highlights some of the new approaches to the study of this period in American film history which have been taken in this literature and in this collection (to do for example with the role of women and ethnic groups not only in films but also in the industry, with production histories and personnel other than directors) and outlines perspectives for future research. These concern, for example, Reception and Audience Studies, the study of film exhibition, distribution and marketing (during and beyond a film's original theatrical release in the US), of production companies and film finances, of canon formation and teaching in the US and elsewhere.



New Hollywood, Hollywood Renaissance, American New Wave, literature review, research perspectives


Krämer, P. (2021) Afterword: New Wave, New Hollywood, New Research. In: Abrams, N. and Frame, G. (eds.) New Wave, New Hollywood: Reassessment, Recovery, and Legacy. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 221-41.


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