A Fast Hypervolume Driven Selection Mechanism for Many-Objective Optimisation Problems




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olutions to real-world problems often require the simultaneous optimisation of multiple conflicting objectives. In the presence of four or more objectives, the problem is referred to as a “many-objective optimisation problem”. A problem of this category introduces many challenges, one of which is the effective and efficient selection of optimal solutions. The hypervolume indicator (or s-metric), i.e. the size of dominated objective space, is an effective selection criterion for many-objective optimisation. The indicator is used to measure the quality of a non- dominated set, and can be used to sort solutions for selection as part of the contributing hypervolume indicator. However, hypervolume based selection methods can have a very high, if not infeasible, computa- tional cost. The present study proposes a novel hypervolume driven selection mechanism for many-objective prob- lems, whilst maintaining a feasible computational cost. This approach, named the Hypervolume Adaptive Grid Algorithm (HAGA), uses two-phases (narrow and broad) to prevent population-wide calculation of the contributing hypervolume indicator. Instead, HAGA only calculates the contributing hypervolume indica- tor for grid populations, i.e. for a few solutions, which are close in proximity (in the objective space) to a candidate solution when in competition for survival. The result is a trade-off between complete accuracy in selecting the fittest individuals in regards to hypervolume quality, and a feasible computational time in many-objective space. The real-world efficiency of the proposed selection mechanism is demonstrated within the optimisation of a classifier for concealed weapon detection.


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Multi-Objective Optimisation, Many-Objective Optimisation, Hypervolume Indicator, Selection Mechanism, Evolutionary Optimisation


Rostami, S. and Neri, F. (2017) A Fast Hypervolume Driven Selection Mechanism for Many-Objective Optimisation Problems. Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, 34, pp. 50-67


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Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IAI)