'I can’t feel rainbows’ sculpture (mixed media)




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‘I can’t feel rainbows’ was a sculpture made from garden wire and coal (6ft x 6ft x 8ft). It raised the question of feeling oneself, the internal movements of ones inner body and the tactile experience of the physical. The basis of this sculpture developed out of my long-term exploration that is primarily concerned with the bodily and the material and on unraveling possible meaning thorough the handling of materials. There is a commitment to the sculptural object, to materiality and to the physical formal engagement with space which treads a line between autonomy and site specificity. The sculpture was included in an exhibition Doubtful Pleasures which was curated by Max Mosscrop and Adam Gillam. It showed sculpture, video and installation from contemporary artists - Veronique Chance, Adam Gillam, Max Mosscrop, Clunie Reid, Alice Walton and Simon Wells. The AHRB and the Arts Council supported it. To coincide with the exhibition the journal Miser & Now dedicated an issue to the theme of pleasure and included an article 'Doubtful Pleasures'. It is a quarterly visual arts magazine edited and published by the Keith Talent Gallery in London. The project developed from an exhibition in 2003 'With Pleasure' at IOTA Gallery in Ramsgate as part as Margate Rocks Festival. The research asked to what extent and in what forms does pleasure act as a central mobilising force and influence in these artists’ working processes, and how is that pleasure is embodied in the work produced? This research has been innovative in its aims to explore the role of pleasure as a motivating force in contemporary practice, and to explore connections between this practice and recent theory, e.g. 'Touch: Sensuous Theory and Multisensory Media' by Laura Marks (2002) investigating embodiment and the senses.


RAE 2008, UoA 63 Art and Design



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