Too far apart! - an evaluation of the challenges impeding virtual teams' success




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In today's business world, technological advancement, globalisation and the recent global pandemic have contributed to the increased use of virtual teams (VTs). However, the use of VTs in the construction industry in South Africa and the challenges facing this type of team are yet to be explored. Therefore, this study assessed the challenges facing VTs in the South African construction industry using a questionnaire as the data collection instrument. The data were analysed using percentage, mean item score, Kruskal-Wallis H-test, and Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation. The study found five groups of challenges impeding the success of VTs. Based on the findings, the study concludes that top management and owners of construction organisations seeking to improve their project success through VTs must put measures in place to address issues relating to (1) trust and cohesion, (2) diversity, (3) leadership (4) communications and (5) task specifications. Practically, should the identified challenges be considered, construction organisations would be able to use their VTs to deliver construction projects effectively. Theoretically, the study contributes to the existing discourse on VTs by showing these challenges from the South African construction industry perspective, where such a study does not exist.


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Construction industry, fuzzy synthetic evaluation, remote work, project team, virtual team


Aghimien, D., Aghimien, L., Aigbavboa, C. and Dhladhla, S. (2023) Too far apart! - an evaluation of the challenges impeding virtual teams' success. International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics,


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