Risk Assessment Approach for EM Resilience in Complex Systems Using Bayesian Networks

Devaraj, Lokesh
Ruddle, Alastair
Duffy, Alistair
Martin, Anthony
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Peer reviewed
Current trends in the automotive industry are reshaping the architectures and electromagnetic characteristics of road vehicles. Increasing electrification and connectivity are enabling considerable packaging flexibility and leading to radically different electromagnetic environments. At the same time, increasing automation of driving functions will require unprecedented levels of system dependability. However, existing EMC engineering processes were developed in a very different world of low system complexity and incremental technological development. In order to adapt to rising system complexity and the increasingly rapid pace of technological change, it is considered that a more agile risk-based approach is better suited to ensure the electromagnetic resilience of future vehicles and other complex systems. This paper outlines a Bayesian network approach that allows the combination of both technical and nontechnical aspects in assessing the likelihood of issues that could lead to system-level risks. This approach could be used from the earliest stages of product development, where the detailed information required to undertake detailed risk assessment is generally unavailable.
Automotive, Bayesian Network, EM resilience, likelihood estimation, risk assessment
Devaraj, L., Ruddle, A.R., Duffy, A.P., Martin, A.J.M. (2021) Risk Assessment Approach for EM Resilience in Complex Systems Using Bayesian Networks. Joint International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Signal and Power Integrity and EMC Europe, Glasgow, UK, August 2021.
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