A Local-Global Approach to Critical Peace Consciousness and Mobilisation as Disruptive Counter-Narratives




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Sinergias Diálogos Educativos para a Transformação Social



Peer reviewed



This paper examines opportunities for peace, as a dichotomy between the actual and re-imagined state of the world, using a Critical Peace Education (CPE) framework, and a Global Youth Work (GYW) pedagogic approach. Drawing from similar and shared constructs presented by CPE and GYW, such as developing local human rights and participatory citizenship, teaching consciousness-raising in and out of schools, and scrutinising how the theory and application of CPE and GYW can influence structural and cultural violence, this paper asserts the need to re-engage with the more radical roots of CPE and GYW as having potential for new stories in peace studies and education that resist the status quo using knowledge and action. The authors are keen to disrupt simplified representations of peace, and uniformity of what is meant by peace, in CPE and GYW theory and practice, and the implications this has both for the social reproduction of inequality, and for youth workers and young people. Secondly, the paper will redress how peace can be understood and acted upon as critical dialogue with young people to unpick and transform experiences for agency. This paper will contribute to a greater understanding of re-imagining peace in everyday life, and the relationship between peace and practice, as part of a decolonised post-critical approach, supported by examples for how youth workers and young people have actively worked towards opportunities for peace in the duality of praxis and consciousness in their everyday life.



Conscientisation, Dialogue, Global Youth Work, Critical Peace Education, Global Education, African Development, Decolonisation


Ogunnusi, M. and Sallah, M. (2023) A Local-Global Approach To Critical Peace Consciousness And Mobilisation As Disruptive Counter-Narratives. Sinergias Diálogos Educativos para a Transformação Social, 15.


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