Offender Management Guidance in work with serious violent or sexual offenders who are mobile across the EU

Kemshall, Hazel, 1958-
Kelly, Gill
Wilkinson, Bernadette
Hilder, Sarah
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European Union and Confederation of European Probation
Peer reviewed
This guidance for Offender Management/Probation (OM) personnel has been produced following the recommendations of the Serious Offending by Mobile European Criminals (SOMEC) field work study completed in January 2015. The Guidance will be relevant to practitioners who work with and supervise serious violent or sexual offenders whether in the community or in custodial settings (including Probation and prison settings and other custodial settings such as designated psychiatric units). It will also be relevant to service managers at both local and national levels and to criminal justice policy-makers and others with responsibility for the design of services. These materials could also provide the basis of information presentations and training events.
The SOMEC project was co-funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Home Affairs - HOME/2011/AG/4000002521 30-CE-0519712/00-87 investigating processes for cross border information exchange and procedures to manage the harm posed by serious violent or sexual offenders travelling across the European Union (EU). The field work report culminates by identifying ways of improving systems for information exchange and the management of these offenders across the EU community for the prevention of serious crime and the protection of EU citizens. A total of seventeen recommendations were made (see full report section 8) requiring action at both EU and Member State levels. SOMEC Partners, Beneficiary Partners: National Offender Management Service (UK), The Home Office (UK) Association of Chief Police Officers (UK), ACPO Criminal Records Office (UK), National Crime Agency (UK), London Probation Trust (UK), De Montfort University (UK), CEP- Confederation of European Probation (EU), Department of Justice (Prison and Probation) Catalonia (ES), Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice (NL), Latvian State Probation Service (LV), Latvian State Police (LV). Associate Partners: The Ministry of Interior, Macedonia (MA), Probation Chiefs Association (UK), The Scottish Government (UK), The Police Service Northern Ireland (UK), Probation Board for Northern Ireland (UK), Europol (EU), Eurojust (EU).
violent offending, sexual offending, risk of harm, risk assessment, risk management
Kemshall, H., Kelly, G., Wilkinson, B. and Hilder, S. (2015) Offender Management Guidance in work with serious violent or sexual offenders who are mobile across the EU
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