The development of a framework for design of web presence and associated online marketing strategy for museums in Saudi Arabia




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This research explores the development of a theoretical framework for the design of the web presence and how it can be usefully and practically employed with a view to increasing the number of visitors to cultural organisations such as museums in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The paper adopts a qualitative and quantitative research method approach, including a critical review of relevant literature on web presence (website and social media design) and digital marketing to determine how these online technologies can provide an innovative means of promoting museums online in Saudi Arabia.

At present, museums in Saudi Arabia use mainly traditional methods such as printed advertisement, for promotion which have a number of problems and limitations as the new challenge is not only how to reach your audience but also how to engage with them. However, with the adoption of internet technology, Saudi Arabia is quickly entering an information-based age and there is also the need for a shift in paradigm to correct misguided notions that museums are just for children or places for keeping worn-out artefacts.

This research describes the development of a new web-presence framework and argues it can provide a number of benefits, namely: wider dissemination of information about museums to visitors; online promotion of museums for the benefit of a wider international audience; promotion of Saudi’s heritage, faith and culture online through social media; improved visitor satisfaction; effective management of visitors by museum workers; and effective payment online before actual visits to museums.

The research concludes with a number of recommendations for policy-makers in Saudi Arabia to take full advantage of the internet and social media to effectively promote cultural organisations through their web presence using the framework in order to engage with visitors for greater competitiveness on a global market.





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