Mothers, Domestic Violence and Child Protection: The UK Response


Research highlights that mothers are often blamed for their child’s exposure to domestic abuse and they are given the leave ultimatum. This article furthers discussion, guided by the question “how do (UK) mothers with violent partners experience social work interventions?” 19 mothers located around England and Wales were interviewed. Data were analysed using deductive thematic analysis. The findings resonate with research from a decade earlier showing mothers felt blamed and were responsibilised for violence they experienced and given the leave ultimatum by social workers. This article calls for a change in social work practice with mothers experiencing domestic abuse.


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domestic abuse, mothers, social work, child welfare, child protection


Stewart, S. and Arnull, E. (2021) Mothers, Domestic Violence and Child Protection: The UK Response. Violence Against Women, 16 (5), pp. 489-508


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Institute of Health, Health Policy and Social Care