Assessing responsible innovation training


There is broad agreement that one important aspect of responsible innovation (RI) is to provide training on its principles and practices to current and future researchers and innovators, notably including doctoral students. Much less agreement can be observed concerning the question of what this training should consist of, how it should be delivered and how it could be assessed. The increasing institutional embedding of RI leads to calls for the alignment of RI training with training in other subjects. One can therefore observe a push towards the official assessment of RI training, for example in the recent call for proposals for centres for doctoral training by UK Research and Innovation. This editorial article takes its point of departure from the recognition that the RI community will need to react to the call for assessment of RI training. It provides an overview of the background and open questions around RI training and assessment as a background of examples of RI training assessment at doctoral level. There is unlikely to be one right way of assessing RI training across institutions and disciplines, but we expect that the examples provided in this article can help RI scholars and practitioners orient their training and its assessment in ways that are academically viable as well as supportive of the overall aims of RI.


open access article This editorial article therefore brings together a number of authors who have been involved in RI training and aims to start and support a discussion within the RI community about RI training and in particular about its assessment. The article proceeds as follows. It starts with a conceptual overview of RI, research training, in particular on a doctoral level and the challenges and open questions regarding options for RI training and assessment. The bulk of the article then consists of examples of RI training and assessment across various institutions and disciplines. This is followed by a discussion section that aims to tease out key lessons learned and insights that are of practical interest to individuals designing RI training as well as of theoretical relevance to the RI research community and beyond.


Responsible innovation, Doctoral training, EducationAssessment


Stahl, B.C. et al. (2023) Assessing responsible innovation training. Journal of Responsible Technology, 100063


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