The Political Economy of Work in the Global South: Reflections on Labour Process Theory




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Red Globe Press



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Part of the Critical Perspectives on Work and Employment series, this edited collection brings together contributions from leading international scholars to initiate an important dialogue between labour process analysis and scholarship on work in the Global South. This book characterises the forms of work and labour process that characterise globalising capitalism today and addresses core analytical concerns within Labour Process Theory and research on work in the South. It explores how a wide range of production relations in the Global South, ranging from formal to informal employment and self-employment, are embedded in wider social relations of gender, caste, religion and ethnicity, and are related to wider patterns of commodification and resistance. Drawing on cutting-edge research, the book’s chapters consider a diverse range of working situations, covering migrant workers in the Middle East, commercial surrogacy work in India and cooperative garment workers in Argentina. In offering a novel reading of the political economy of work in the Global South and shedding light on lesser-considered fields of work and worker organization, this volume will provide new insights for making sense of the changing world of work for students, scholars, labour activists and practitioners alike.



Business and Management, International Business, Latin American Politics, Asian Politics, Sociology of Work, International Political Economy, Human Resource Development


Hammer, A. and Fishwick, A. (Eds.) (2020) The Political Economy of Work in the Global South: Reflections on Labour Process Theory. London: Red Globe Press.


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