Examining the focus on embedding mental wellbeing during a period of institution-wide delivery mode transformation




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De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester is undergoing a significant change project to transition delivery of academic programmes to an intensive block model approach, a model that enables students to focus on studying one module at a time. Alongside ensuring delivery of a high-quality student experience in this new delivery model is the University’s ongoing focus on an institution-wide approach to Embedding Mental Wellbeing (EMW) underpinned by the University’s HealthyDMU philosophy, recognising that mental wellbeing is relevant to all members of the university community (Hughes and Spanner, 2019). This philosophy is informed by a social model of wellbeing, in which a student’s experience of mental wellbeing is directly related to their environment and experiences, based on the five ways to wellbeing (Aked, Marks, Cordon & Thompson, 2008). De Montfort University endeavours to embed this philosophy throughout the curriculum to reduce barriers to wellbeing, facilitating student success, establishing pro-active approaches to mental wellbeing and a providing a health promoting environment.

This presentation examines the need to continually focus on the HealthyDMU philosophy, particularly during a period of significant change that will “inevitably bring about anxieties” (Jones, 2022), with the introduction of the block delivery model across the curriculum. Examples will be provided of how student and staff mental wellbeing is being supported, and how the changing delivery method presents opportunities for different ways of incorporating EMW in the curriculum.


Recording of the presentation: https://youtu.be/L1QYOV0MkW8 Recording available via: https://digitaleducation.lincoln.ac.uk/events/digied-horizons/recorded-sessions/


Embedding mental wellbeing, Delivery, Transformation, Education 2030


Allman, Z. (2023) Examining the focus on embedding mental wellbeing during a period of institution-wide delivery mode transformation, DigiEd: Horizons Conference 2023, Online. 22 March 2023


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