Recent advances in biopolymeric composite materials: Future sustainability of bone-implant


Direct structural and purposeful relation between bone and implant is known as osteointegration. When an implant is inserted into the bone, a bone-implant interface is created, a critical area between the surface implanted biomaterial and the surrounding bone. This research aimed to summarise the outcome of a crucial review conducted on poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) and its composite materials, such as cellular calcium hydroxyapatite (cHAp) for medical applications. The prospective medical implant interface of PEEK is studied. Also, critical analysis and review on 3D printing of PEEK, its composites and natural macromolecular behaviour interface healing process for a bone implant are highlighted. Scopus database was used for electronic and Google search, and peer-reviewed papers in the last twelve years are studied. The study further includes a novel classification of polymer PEEK, the mechanical strength involved during the regeneration process of bone tissues. Due to the extraordinary power of the PEEK and its composites and their excellent natural behaviour, critical PEEK 3D printability research is reported for various biomedical applications and its natural health sustainable behaviours. In addition, the effectiveness and efficiency of the implant interface of PEEK depend on the natural conditions of the bone, design characteristics of implant and distribution of loads between bone and implant. Also explained are the ideal options to boost PEEK composites 3D printability and scientific mechanisms. This detailed review would benefit the scientific and medical community to enhance sustainability. Lastly, the description of the bone-implant interface reported within this compendious review can be used to determine the most relevant characteristics to consider in formulating a model of osteointegration of bone implants.


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Poly-ether-ether-ketone, cellular calcium hydroxyapatite (cHAp), bone-implant interface, bio-functionality, 3D printing, bone growth, cellular composite


Oladapo, B.I., Abolfazl, Z.S., Ismail, S.O., Olawade, D.B. (2021) Recent advances in biopolymeric composite materials: Future sustainability of bone-implant. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 150, 111505.


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