Shifting borders: solo exhibition with catalogue



‘Shifting borders’ was created with an AHRC award. I created a body of new work, about migration, diaspora, gender and cultural and national identity: a photo essay and album involving Kosova, Albania, London and Leicester and highlighting the Albanian diaspora. The work was undertaken with extreme rigour: 2600 photographs were taken, 60 of which are of exhibition/ publication quality. I lived in Prishtina and Tirana for one month collecting material and interviewing (recorded in 4 sketch books). A catalogue accompanied the solo shows of the new work premiering in the Kosova Art Gallery in 21 May- August 2007 then to the Albanian National Gallery, in Tirana 5 November-December 2007. Some pieces have been selected for the Artissima Contemporary Art Show in Turin (opening November 2007) and a solo show at the Alberto Peola contemporary Art gallery in Turin. The National Gallery of Albania has acquired one of the photographs for its permanent collection. The work is original as I am in a transcultural (and bilingual) position of belonging both to the Albanian diaspora and the UK, having been born in Former Yugoslavia with a Kosova father and British mother. The works of contemporary artists Phil Collins, Adrian Paci, and Shirin Neshat engage with some similar issues to mine, but my black and white purely photographic work is a product of trans-cultural heritage and close engagement with the individuals and communities I represent. The work is significant as when it was shown in Kosova the exhibition was reviewed favourably by 3 TV national channels and featured in 9 of the national news papers. The show was so successful that the gallery director extended the run for one more month. The UN commander general of Kosova (Reikner) attended the opening (some of the works were staged in a military base).


RAE 2008, UoA 63 Art and Design


MEREDITH-VULA, L.A. 22 May - 21 August 2007. Shifting Borders. Prishtina:The Kosova Art Gallery. 06 November - 20 November 2007. Shifting Borders. Tirana:The National Gallery of Arts.


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