Criminal Conflicts




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These clips have been produced with the purpose of providing a visual representation of a criminal case study which is used by undergraduate Criminal Law students at the University of Northampton to understand the legal issues. The visual representation brings to life the scenario and the talking heads enables students to understand concepts such as Mens Rea. The clips will be used in conjunction with a written case study and statements and the students will examine the case study in taught sessions throughout the year. All of the assessments are based on the scenario. The clips will be shown in lectures and seminars at appropriate times in the year as the relevant issues are covered and following this they will be made available to students to refer back to in order to help them with seminar preparation and revision etc.

Although the case study and the clips have been designed for the use of Law students, they could also be utilised by other subject areas, for example, policing students could use the clips for training purposes as could social work students and health students as some of the issues could be discussed in these differing contexts. For example the clip relating to domestic abuse could prompt discussions around how such a situation should be dealt with by the different agencies who would be involved.


This is a series of videos which were funded by the University of Northampton for Open Access learning and teaching materials. The videos can be accessed here:


Criminal Law, Case Study, Video/Recording, Learning and Teaching


Crofts, M., Boaden, G. and Prior, R. (2015) Criminal Conflicts. [Video] Available from: University of Northampton.


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