Assessment of 4D SME Entrepreneurial Marketing Model: The Perspective of Nepalese MSMEs




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A simple-looking phenomenon of delivering customer demands has become very challenging in recent years, particularly for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Challenges arise due to technological advancement, competitive sharpness and eco-political turbulence. Research shows that the entrepreneurial marketing approach can resolve such issues. Despite the popularity and effectiveness of entrepreneurial marketing, little is known in the context of Nepal. This study, therefore, attempts to fulfil the gap in entrepreneurial marketing literature. A descriptive research design was employed to understand the phenomena, primary data were collected from 403 participants through a structured questionnaire, and data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and exploratory factor analysis. The result of quantitative data shows that MSMEs are the primary contributors to employment, economic growth, and trade balance. Similarly, the factor analysis of 28 statements shows a strong relationship between four dimensions of entrepreneurial marketing and MSME performance. Further research is needed in different geographical areas of Nepal to generalize the findings. It also recommends that the government of Nepal provide training programs to support existing and prospective entrepreneurs.



Entrepreneurship, Marketing, SME, Factor analysis, Nepal, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, SME, Factor analysis, Nepal


Gyanwali, S., Gyanwali, M. and Yadav, U. S. (2022) Assessment of 4D SME Entrepreneurial Marketing Model: The Perspective of Nepalese MSMEs. In: Vasant, P. 'et al'. (Eds.) Intelligent Computing & Optimization: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Optimization 2022 (ICO2022), Cham: Springer, pp. 1086-1097


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