Serious Offending by Mobile European Criminals: Comparative field work report.




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European Union and confederation of European Probation


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A number of tragic examples have exposed weaknesses within the European Union (EU) where a serious violent or sexual offender has travelled to one Member State from another without any public safety organisation within the receiving Member State being made aware of the harm they may pose.1 Often only once a further criminal act has occurred have checks been made, revealing antecedents and an indication of the previously known concerns. Serious violent or sexual offenders are therefore able to integrate into communities across the EU free from any management, supervision or surveillance, which may lead to an increase in the risk to public safety. Whilst significant strides have been made in EU community law enforcement cooperation to address issues of organised crime, human trafficking, child exploitation, terrorism and football hooliganism, the “common interest” of protecting EU citizens from the single transient serious violent or sexual offender has not been so apparent.


SOMEC is a two-year project running from January 2013 to January 2015 investigating current processes for information exchange and procedures to manage the harm posed by serious violent or sexual offenders travelling across the European Union. SOMEC is co-funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Home Affairs - HOME/2011/AG/4000002521 30-CE-0519712/00-87. SOMEC Partners, Beneficiary Partners: National Offender Management Service (UK), The Home Office (UK) Association of Chief Police Officers (UK), ACPO Criminal Records Office (UK), National Crime Agency (UK), London Probation Trust (UK), De Montfort University (UK), CEP- Confederation of European Probation (EU), Department of Justice (Prison and Probation) Catalonia (ES), Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice (NL), Latvian State Probation Service (LV), Latvian State Police (LV). Associate Partners: The Ministry of Interior, Macedonia (MA), Probation Chiefs Association (UK), The Scottish Government (UK), The Police Service Northern Ireland (UK), Probation Board for Northern Ireland (UK), Europol (EU), Eurojust (EU).


serious offending by mobile European criminals


Kemshall, H., Hilder, S., Kelly. G. Wilkinson, B. and Westwood, S. (2015) Serious Offending by Mobile European Criminals: Comparative field work report.


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