Risk factors affecting maternal health outcomes in Rivers State of Nigeria: Towards the PRISMA model




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Existing research suggests that Nigeria accounts for about 23% of the world’s maternal mortality ratio, with negative impacts on women’s wellbeing and the country’s socio-economic development. The underlying risk factors can be categorized into political influences, poor access to healthcare, inadequate utilization of health facilities, poor family planning support and complex pregnancy-related illness. Yet, the complex interrelations amongst the factors makes it difficult to ascertain the riskiest ones that affect women’s reproduction and child death, with the existing intervening strategies failing to address the problem. This study identifies maternal health risk factors and prioritizes their management in Rivers State of Nigeria, using the Prevention and Recovery Information System for Monitoring and Analysis (PRISMA) model. Taking a quantitative turn, we applied exploratory factor analysis to analyze 174 returned questionnaires from healthcare professionals working in Rivers State and used the results to establish relationships between maternal health risk factors, prioritizing the riskiest factors. The outcomes indicate that the PRISMA model provides an effective framework for identifying and managing maternal mortality risks that can enable healthcare experts and managers to address the avoidable risk factors and mitigate the unavoidable patient-related risk factors in Nigeria. The implications for theory, practice and policy are discussed.


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PRISMA model, maternal health, maternal mortality, patient safety, Nigeria, factor analysis


Chinwah, V., Nyame-Asiamah, F., Ekanem, I. (2020) Risk factors affecting maternal health outcomes in Rivers State of Nigeria: Towards the PRISMA model. Social Science & Medicine, 113520.


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