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This textbook aims to provide a balanced introduction to research methods for today’s undergraduate business students. It does this by synthesising rigorous coverage of methodologies with an accessible ‘real-world’ approach. The text follows course learning objectives for undergraduates in business and provides examples drawn from the full range of business subjects from marketing and strategy to human resource management. The text has unique features: for example, it introduces the four frameworks approach to the research project. The four frameworks approach provides beginner researchers, as well as more advanced researchers, with a simple model that will guide them in the development of their research projects. It facilitates researchers in the task of developing properly focused, fully integrated research projects. The textbook is very sympathetic to the challenges facing a student engaging with the subject for the first time and provides an integrated and balanced approach to quantitative and qualitative research. The writing is simple and direct and the examples and case studies presented were selected particularly with an undergraduate readership in mind. In summary, the text provides a unique and simple yet comprehensive introduction to research methods for business students. Business Research Methods is a valuable resource for all undergraduate business students, particularly for second- and third-year students on business research methods courses. It provides an excellent introduction to the work of undertaking research in an academic environment. This text is essential reading for all business students required to undertake research projects. Postgraduate students, and indeed students from other non-business disciplines, will also find the text very helpful.




Quinlan, C., Babin, B., Carr, J., Griffin, M. (2019) Business Research Methods. 2nd Ed. Andover, UK: South Western Cengage


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