Water Carbonation Fuzzy Inference System




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This report will be looking at how fuzzy logic is used to create a system which automatically carbonates water to create sparkling water. This is a topic that has not been discussed a large amount and there is little about it in the associated literature. The system created in this work uses the research available to create a system that carbonates water based on the temperature of the water, the amount of water being carbonated and the sparkling preference of the user. This is then processed in the Water Carbonation Fuzzy Inferencing System (FIS) which outputs to give the Carbon Dioxide Usage. This system is made for domestic water carbonation products and could be extended to larger or smaller products of the type. Several tests have been carried out to measure the success of the system. Changes are then made, and the system is tested again to make sure that the system has been improved. Tests are continued until the system is efficient for the purpose and all the different possible parameters are checked. A critical reflection on the work illuminates the good points, limitations and where improvements could be made.



Water carbonation, Fuzzy controller, Fuzzy carbonation controller, Carbonation preference


Chapman, W., Khuman, A.S. (2021) Water Carbonation Fuzzy Inference System. In: Carter J., Chiclana F., Khuman A.S., Chen T. (eds) Fuzzy Logic: Recent Applications and Developments. Springer, Cham, pp. 253-270


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