An investigation into the pressures and sensations caused by wearing a bra and the influence of these on bra fitting




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This thesis is concerned with issues arising from the fit of bras. An investigation was carried out into the pressure and sensations caused by wearing a bra and the influence of these on bra fitting issues. The literature review revealed that there has been only. a small amount of research into the topic of the fit of bras, and certainly not enough to effect any !' marked improvement. There are still maJiy women who are not satisfied with the bra they are wearing, and who, furthermore, find it is difficult to obtain a satisfactory fit, and this especially so in the case of large-sized women. Previous research has shown that pressure is a very important factor in bra fitting, as is also the wearer's perception of the comfort of the bra, and these have a direct bearing on issues of breast health. The whole field of the fitting of bras requires more scientific and technical research. This study employed survey and experimental research methodology to investigate bra pressure and the sensations influencing bra fitting issues. The investigation revealed that the design of the survey is satisfactory. The use of pressure test equipment, Bra Sensor, and ,' the sensation evaluation method utilizing the Borg CRIO Scale are appropriate. The statistical data analysis methods used to obtain the results were shown to be reliable. The results obtained from the survey of the wearers' sensations caused by wearing a bra revealed some basic information about the subjects and their bra-wearing habits and a general picture of pressure, discomfort and pain sensations. Further, through an in-depth analysis of the data from the pressure and sensation tests, general characteristics of wearers' sensations in the bra were concluded, the relationships between the pressures and the sensations were established, the factors which influence the sensations were discussed. Analysis was also carried out within the different groups of subjects.





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