Review of the Feature Selective Validation Method (FSV). Part I - Theory


It had been just over a decade since the Feature Selective Validation method was proposed in the. As an automated validation method recommended by the IEEE Standard 1597.1/2, the FSV method has gained broad attention in the practice of computational electromagnetics modeling and simulations. This paper reviews the motivation, evolution, enhancements, and criticisms of the method over this time. This aims of this paper are to give a detailed contextualization of the development of the FSV method itself and to discuss the open questions and possible strategies of next generation of automated validation methods.


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Feature Selective Validation, Algorithm evolution, Enhancements, Computational electromagnetics


Duffy, A., Orlandi, A., Zhang, G. (2017) Review of the Feature Selective Validation Method (FSV). Part I - Theory. IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 60 (4)


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