cMatrix10for computer-realized video and sound (Installation and concert/screening versions)




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Installation version duration: 38 minute loop Screening version duration: 13 minutes Text: cMatrix10 is an algorithmic video and sound working presenting a mass of flowing particles and traceries of sound, sometimes forming diffuse clouds, other times coalescing into flowing lines of arcing motion. The work involves a single algorithmic process manifested in visual and sonic forms. It demonstrates that an algorithmic, integrated, abstract image-sound composition can provide localized sense of intentionality — or even of drama — while also sustaining an overall meditative sensibility. Further, it demonstrates that such drama can be evoked without an explicit foreground in either the image or audio. The work is also an exploration of means with which a moving image of discrete, perceivable points can be endowed with highly organic qualities. The visuals required development of custom Java code implementing an innovative approach in which 3D rotations are collapsed into a 2D space. The audio, implemented in SuperCollider and the LISP programming language using Common Lisp Music, involved research into computer-modulated feedback techniques and algorithmic control of 60 band-pass filters. cMatrix10 was developed in both installation and concert/screening versions. The installation version entails a 38-minute looping video presented in a gallery-room setting. The concert version is a 13-minute work with credits and titles. The screening version of cMatrix10 has been presented by nine international venues. These venues include the FILE/HIPERSONICA Festival of São Paulo, the Seoul International Computer Music Festival, the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, The Logos Foundation (Gent), Music Beyond Performance: SoundImageSound II (University of the Pacific, California), and the Uncut/OneDotZero Festival at London's ICA. The installation version of cMatrix10 was presented at Artpool Gallery, Budapest in association with Process Revealed: The 4th European Conference on Evolutionary Music and Art. It was also installed at Sonic Arts Network Expo 2005.


RAE 2008, UoA 67 Music


Battey, B. (2004) cMatrix10for computer-realized video and sound (Installation and concert/screening versions)


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Music, Technology and Innovation - Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI2)