Redefining Luxury Social and Cultural Innovation through Craft




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‘Redefining Luxury’ – Social and Cultural Innovation through Craft- re-generating the silversmithing industry. For centuries, people worldwide have satisfied themselves with the possession of beautiful things. Traditionally, luxury goods have been defined as “goods for which the mere use of display of a particular branded product brings prestige to the owner”(Husic and Cicic 2007) Luxury Consumption Factors. In my research I am concerned with Design Culture, Value, Attitude and Behaviour around who the luxury consumer is, but more importantly, what exemplifies sustainable luxury? Furthermore, I set out to challenge the traditional culture of collecting contemporary silversmithing by exploring material perceptions within a changing society by re-shaping drivers that stimulate a desire to invest in precious metal artefacts. The research investigates how different cultures associate with silver through their cultural identity.

I approach silver unconventionally and with insight. I aim to present silver from fresh perspectives and to give it contemporary relevance in people’s everyday lives informed through extensive research on the ways in which silver has traditionally been used and displayed. This has led me to question its most basic concepts and forms. With the ‘Table Top to the Wall’ series, Architect #1 & #2, I challenge the places where silver objects conventionally ‘live’ – in or on furniture – and demonstrate how the expected may evolve naturally into the unexpected. I describe this new work as ‘abstract jewellery for buildings’. By designing these objects to adorn walls, I simply extend the boundaries of possible places to display silver in the home or in public spaces.



Silversmithing, Silver, Craft, Luxury, Redefine, Value, Hammerclub, European, British, Making, Design, Powder Coating


Gogna, R. (2019) Redefining Luxury Social and Cultural Innovation through Craft. Renewal- European Silversmith Symposium (HammerClub), Dundee, May - June 2019.


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