Towards A Multidimensional Competency-Based Managerial Performance Framework: A Hybrid Approach




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Purpose – To report on the development of a new, more balanced approach to managing the performance of key employees in project-based organizations. Design/methodology/approach – Following the establishment of the role-based criteria for performance excellence through focus groups and subsequent factor analysis, performance profiles of a range of superior and average performing managers were compiled. These were based on behavioural event interviews (BEIs) from which job, person and role-based aspects were derived. The final performance model was validated through assessments with an expert panel of HRM specialists. Findings – This research has developed and demonstrated the potential of a more holistic approach to managing performance which includes reference to the job requirements, personal behaviours and the role context. It was found to be particularly suitable to measuring managers’ performance in dynamic team-based environments. Research limitations/implications – The empirical work upon which the new performance framework is based was derived from a limited study within two construction organizations. Future work will explore the applicability of the approach within other organizations and industries. Practical implications – Applying this framework to key HRM activities has the potential to improve the ways in which companies manage, develop and retain their key managerial resources. Notably, they should be able to engender a more participative, developmental approach to the HRM function, thereby helping to ensure sustained performance improvements in the future and improved resource usage effectiveness. Originality/value – The paper presents the basis for a completely new performance management paradigm which embeds managerial competence/competency in a way which more accurately reflects the realities of managerial practice



performance management, competences, modelling, managers


Cheng, M., Dainty, A.R.J. and Moore, D.R. (2005) Towards a multidimensional competency-based managerial performance framework: A hybrid approach. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 20 (5), pp.380 - 396


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