Disability and Well-being: Towards a Capability Approach for Marketplace Access


Using the Capability Approach (CA) as a means of identifying the barriers that individuals with disabilities face in achieving their goals, this conceptual paper aims to provoke discussion and identify how society excludes and marginalises individuals with disabilities. As framed through the lens of consumer vulnerability, reimagining how society, policy makers and the market can transform lived experiences, representation and symbolism of disability, this paper calls for a coherent and integrated set of actions. Central to these actions is a proposal for a transformative approach to marketplace access as a coordinated force to deliver positive change for people with disabilities. Through developing a new conceptual way of how the market should engage with disability, this paper presents proposals looking to ensure individuals with disabilities experience the conditions in which they can pursue their ultimate ends. Disabilities are presented here as constellations of difference, where an emancipatory model of the market represents a space to convert resources into functions tailored for everyone’s needs.


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disability, marketplace access, the capability approach


Bhogal-Nair, A. et al. (2023) Disability and Well-being: Towards a Capability Approach for Marketplace Access. Journal of Marketing Management,


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Centre for Enterprise and Innovation (CEI)