High Temperature Characterization of a CMOS Based Infra-red Source using Thermal-incandescence Microscopy


This paper presents the high temperature thermal characterization of a Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) infra-red (IR) thermal source, using non-contact optical approaches, based on IR and thermo-incandescence microscopy. The IR thermal source was fabricated using a CMOS based processing technology and consists of a miniature micro-heater, fabricated using tungsten metallization. The performance and reliability of the IR source is highly dependent on its operating temperature. For short-wave (1.4 μm - 2.5 μm) infra-red emission, the operating temperature is in excess of 800°C. Work will be presented in this paper in which spot temperature measurements (> 700 °C) were made on the IR source using thermal-incandescence microscopy. Thermal-optical calibration was achieved by utilizing the known melting point (MP) of different metal micro-particles. Optical measurements were compared to those obtained using an electrical approach. The thermal measurements suggest good temperature uniformity across the micro-heater of the IR source.


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CMOS technology, MEMS gas sensor, Infra-red radiation, IR thermal microscopy, Optical incandescence radiation, Thermal-incandescence microscopy


Pandey, P., Oxley, C., Hopper, R.C., Udrea, F. and Syed Zeeshan, A. (2020) High temperature characterization of a CMOS based infra-red source using thermal-incandescence microscopy. Solid-State Electronics, 166, 107773


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