An alternative approach to influencing behaviour: Adapting Darton’s Nine Principles framework for scaling up individual upcycling

Sung, Kyungeun
Cooper, Tim
Kettley, Sarah
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Design Research Society
Peer reviewed
Behaviour change or influencing behaviour has recently been recognised as a new role of design by design academics and practitioners. Some approaches have been explored in past research, yet most focused on behaviour intervention generation as a form of product design or communication design. In the meantime, increasing interest in design as a way of thinking and as an effective tool for policy and service innovation in the public sector calls for wide-ranging approaches for design and policy interventions. This paper therefore suggests an alternative approach as a response to such calls. Darnton’s Nine Principles framework is critically reviewed as an overarching framework, and adapting this framework, the early stages of behaviour intervention are proposed. The application of the alternative approach to influencing behaviour is demonstrated by giving an example of scaling up individual upcycling. The paper concludes by discussing the value and usefulness of the suggested approach.
This work was undertaken in the Sustainable Consumption Research Group at Nottingham Trent University.
design, behaviour, psychology, research, upcycling, scaling up
Sung, K. Cooper, T. and Kettley, S. (2016) An alternative approach to influencing behaviour: adapting Darnton’s Nine Principles framework for scaling-up individual upcycling. Proceedings of DRS2016: Design + Research + Society - Future-Focused Thinking, Brighton, UK, 27-30 June, 4, pp.1277-1290
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