Design and characterization of a diamond-shaped monopole antenna


The resonant frequency of a diamond shaped monopole antennas is analysed by using a finite difference time domain method. The diamond shaped monopole antennas was fabricated and tested experimentally on RT Duroid material and then the results were directly compared with simple monopole antennas., Tthe work shows that the diamond shaped monopole antennas has smaller dimensions, higher bandwidth and gain at millimeteric wave frequency . Experimentally measured diamond shaped monopole antennas has good agreement with simulated results.


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antenna diamond


Maricar, M., Bahar, A., Greedy, S., Phang, S., Gradoni, G., Cross, R., Creagh, S., Tanner, G. and Thomas, D. (2017). Design and characterization of a novel diamond shaped monopole antenna, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 59 (10), pp. 2695-2698


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