Investigation of Instability of a Single Crystal Organic –Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites Used for Photovoltaic Solar Application.




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Due to the problem of global warming, there is an increasing need to gain energy from renewable resources. Development of renewable technologies requires consideration of efficient and reliable materials. Halide hybrid perovskites as a single crystal have been shown to efficient materials for photonic applications which include photovoltaic devices and photodetectors. However, the research lacks understanding of stability mechanisms of these materials under light and temperature found in normal operating conditions. The structural stability of these materials directly affects their electrical properties which are a functional requirement of photonic devices. Therefore, towards the widespread adoption of these materials it was necessary to investigate stability mechanisms of methylammonium lead bromide (MAPbBr3) as a single crystal alone under heat and light conditions using thermal and optical measurements, and as a photonic device structure measuring the effects of heat, light and electrical current using IV measurements. The research contributes new insights into material stability for MAPbBr3 single crystal. The findings reveal that the application of heat, light, and electrical current, as normal operating factors, have significant effects on material stability and hence performance. A number of different stability mechanisms were identified and a deeper insight into the behavior of MAPbBr3 single crystal as a device structure was revealed. The research contributed to understanding the role of the interface between the single crystal active layer and electrode materials as having significant influence on stability mechanisms. Understanding the material has important implications for the use of MAPbBr3 as a single crystal in application as a photonic device





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