Knowledge and Skills Sets for Telecare Service Staff in the Context of Digital Health




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Telecare services have an established place within the United Kingdom. Through employing online technologies to help mostly older people to remain at home, they are increasingly recognised as having a support role for health as well as social care. This positions telecare services within the broader realm of ‘digital health’. But as that position becomes more embedded, it poses questions about the nature of tasks that are (or should be) undertaken by telecare staff, and regarding new skills that are required. A convergence of telecare and telehealth services is indicated together with the need for some kind of accommodation. This paper summarises the United Kingdom policy context; references the technologies that are provided by telecare services or can be linked to them; notes briefly the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; and proposes six knowledge and skills sets. Outcomes of the UTOPIA study undertaken in England from 2016 to 2017 are drawn upon: this study provided important information from over 100 ‘adult social care’ service providers.


UTOPIA aimed to understand Adult Social Care Department (ASCD) perspectives on the role of telecare in supporting older people, how it is deployed, and what information is collected by ASCDs to help them assess whether it is fulfilling this role. This study focused on the new skills and knowledge sets necessary for social care staff arising from the widening range of technologies consequent on telecare service developments and the 'convergence' with telehealth. NOTE: THIS PAPER WAS PUBLISHED IN THE ISFTEH JOURNAL. THIS IS A RE-PUBLICATION.


Telecare, Digital Health, Telehealth, Social Care, Workforce Skills


Fisk MJ (2021) 'Knowledge and Skills Sets for Telecare Service Staff in the Context of Digital Health' in Chaltikyan G (Ed) 'Digihealth Day 2020' Proceedings of International Scientific Symposium, Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Deggendorf.


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