Cultural Norms About the Roles of Older People in Sikh Families.




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This chapter is organised into two parts. Part I discusses the migration history of Sikhs in the UK. It reviews current literature that provides a useful insight into the development and characteristics of Sikh communities in the UK, and profiles the Sikh community in the UK. It also reviews literature that provides an insight into the characteristics of Sikh families in the UK. Such information remains descriptive as the aim of Part I is to provide a backcloth for the findings of my doctoral study with Sikhs living in Wolverhampton presented in part II of this chapter. The aim of my doctoral study was to understand how migration experiences and personal histories impact on caring for a family member with dementia for Sikhs living in Wolverhampton in the UK. Whilst the focus of my research was not on grand-parent and grand-children relationships per se, my research provides rich and insightful information about the roles of older people in Sikh families which contribute to our understanding of such phenomenon. It also draws out those areas that are worthy of further exploration.



Older people, Sikh, Sikh families, cultural norms, caring


Jutlla, K. (2013) Cultural Norms About the Roles of Older People in Sikh Families. In: Singh, A. (Ed). Indian Diaspora Voices of Grandparents and Grandparenting, Sense Publishers: Boston, pp. 207-231


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