Slow Reveal


Slow Reveal is a conversation between artists Anna Lucas, Frances Scott, and writer Leanne Turvey (collaborating as ALF), around the production of two films: Anna Lucas’s Opi 21, Oopsy Daisy, Tiger Lily (2014) and Frances Scott’s Apex (2014), initially commissioned by Tintype Gallery for ESSEX ROAD, eight films responding to the mile-long route in north London. Anna and Frances shared production processes, drawing on the same photographic material. The films intersected, whilst operating as discrete works.

"Fireflies light their bioluminescence in flashes. Each species has a unique blinking pattern, their lanterns intermittently lit like semaphoric pulses. Here, the two works might be understood to be calling rhythmically to each other. Working together brought their different practices into closer proximity; the differences in the practice of one, giving a permission to explore new ways of working in the other." Leanne Turvey

Slow Reveal is the first iteration for ALF of an ongoing investigation into the significance of dialogue and collaboration between artists in the creation of new work.

Slow Reveal comprises an edited transcript of this conversation, epilogue-essay ‘Fireflies’, and a series of film stills sharing connections and tangential references. It isa 36 page book, with exposed colour photographic paper cover, printed in edition of 250. Its 6x4” format references the standard 35mm photographic print.

The work acts as a trigger for further collaboration, readings and events, rather than an end in itself. To date these have included With Over 450 illustrations: a reading, screening and discussion with artists Anna Lucas, Frances Scott, Monica Rivas -Velasquez, writer Leanne Turvey and convened by curator writer Joyce Cronin in a photo studio in East London Oct 2017. There have also been a reading and live printing event in a photographic darkroom at De Montfort University with Dr Stacy Boldrick, University of Leicester. It has also been the starting point for From an ox to an egg, a public screening and performance event as part of Little City Studio at Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester Nov 2017.



Joyce Cronin, Leanne Turvey, Artists Publication, Tintype Gallery, Photo object film, Stills on film, conversation, permission by proximity, collaboration, dialogue, Badiou, Elizabeth Bishop, Chris Marker, Hollis Frampton, Colm Toibin, Film still


Scott, L., Lucas, A. and Turvey, L. (2017) Slow Reveal. London: ALF.Tintype.


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