The Voight-Kampp Test




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This album was created with a process of AI and machine learning called Embodied Intelligence. This uses Creative AI datasets and algorithms to make music from the inside. A single AI-bot was developed to control the interaction of this free improvising garage band featuring sax, bass and drums. No human intervention was used, and the tracks are presented almost as they were recorded, with a minute amount of editing and mastering.

Embodied Intelligence differs from other Music-AI approaches insofar that it is not using AI to construct the physical phenomena of music (i.e. the sound wave), nor the meta-workings of music composition (i.e. the organisation and sequencing of music theory). Instead the Creative AI is powering the realtime generation of core ideas and impetus from within the flow of music-making, which intern is translated into sound.

Embodied AI does not have a model of what it wants to sound like, instead the characteristics of each AI-bot is determined by a front-end translation module. The AI uses Rodney Brooks' approach to robots and 'intelligence without representation' to create a bot that is 'coping in a dynamic and changing world' and 'doing something in this world'. credits released December 11, 2019

The foundational AI training processes used to make this album may contain copyrighted material the use of which was not authorized by the copyright owner. However, I believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Crucially, no such material is released in these tracks, and the creativity code underpinning the generative processes that led to the creation of these tracks is 100% owned by me. But I am making these tracks available non-commercially in an effort to educate and advance research in AI, machine learning, generative music, and computational creativity, etc





Vear, C. (2019) The Voight-Kampp Test [digital]. Oakland: bandcamp.


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