Sustainability and organizational behavior: A micro-foundational perspective


Abstract Organizational behavior is a well-established academic field comprising a comprehensive and wide range of extant literature. In contrast, sustainability and micro-foundational literature constitute significant but nevertheless more relatively recent emergent bodies of work with each having developed particular predilections in the manner in which they are cast and discussed. There is scope, therefore, to bring to bear a range of organizational behavioral insights in conjunction with these areas thereby creating a fusion which surfaces the drivers and antecedents that operate and play out in the dynamic between these domains. The mechanism employed to do this is through the development of a special issue of papers, drawing on a range of methodological approaches and sectorial perspectives. This is important and has the aim of generating fresh insights and challenging conventional ways of viewing the behavioral dimensions of sustainability and especially through a micro-foundational lens. The analyses in the special issue underlines and demonstrates the value of engaging a range of national contexts, sectorial settings and historical and contemporaneous perspectives which shed novel light on the confluences of sustainability, organizational behavior and micro-foundations. The Special Issue also suggests future directions that subsequent research may take in these arenas.


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micro-foundational, sustainability, organizational behavior, context, culture


Cooper, S. C. L., Stokes, P., Liu, Y., and Tarba, S. Y. (2017) Sustainability and organizational behavior: A micro‐foundational perspective. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38(9), pp.1297-1301.


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