Adaptive control for smart water distribution systems


The rationalization of energy and water consumption is becoming increasingly important. Water distribution systems require energy to operate, and a consumption trade-off became a necessity. Existing water distribution systems still rely on traditional feedback control that is reactive and sub-optimal. The proliferation of the Internet of Things (loT) provides a myriad of opportunities to achieve new levels of optimization for water distribution systems. This paper presents the design and simulation of a water distribution testbed currently under construction at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The simulation results show the superiority of loT-based adaptive control schemes over existing control approaches, with no additional cost. The paper provides a roadmap for loT-based system design and advanced control to minimize the consumption under user convenience constraints.



Adaptive Control, Smart City, IoT, Water Distribution, Hydraulic System, Pump Control, Cyber Physical System, Modeling, Simulation, MQTT, Process Control


Zaman, M., Al Islam, M., Tantawy, A., Fung, C.J. and Abdelwahed, S. (2021) September. Adaptive control for smart water distribution systems. In: 2021 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2) IEEE.


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Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IAI)