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The exhibition 'I am definitely coming for longer if I come again' (acknowledgments to Count Arthur Strong) is my first international solo show and contains 10 new sculptures. This develops my research into the pointless, playful and absurd activities which form part of creative practice, visible in other spheres of social and cultural activity, outside that of art making. Building upon my recent London solo show 'Art is a Cupboard', the objects in this exhibition elaborate a wry guerilla strategy akin to bricolage (see Levi-Strauss ‘The Savage Mind’, 1966) where free-standing objects and collages are cobbled together from materials that are scavenged and pillaged, or sourced from builders’ merchants, DIY stores and household shops. The sculptures operate as a means to display a wealth of imagery - photographic, drawn and painted - encouraging multiple narratives/ readings. The imagery selected sets up a conflict between the physical poverty of the structures’ fabrication, and the actual nature or location of the image; beautiful landscapes, idealized settings, glamorous parties, indulgent events are displayed upon practically derelict and abused supports. The images selected for inclusion are chosen specifically to set up and indulge these hierarchies of visual and physical experience. A publication will be released with text by Melissa Gronlund and image(s) by Adam Gillam. The publication will act as an anti grand gesture, generated from the lowest technology available within the printing industry, the photocopier. In the same way that the sculptures are constructed from base denominator materials and question the potential commodification of the art object, the publication will challenge the gesture of the glossy artists’ exhibition catalogue. The publication will be freely available and will be both a limited and unlimited edition; there will be a specific number made for the show but will be continually reproduced on demand.


RAE 2008, UoA 63 Art and Design



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