Immunological Biomarkers for Diabetes Management


Globally there are 422 million known cases of people affected with diabetes according to the world health organisation (1). It is estimated that 46% of people with diabetes worldwide are undiagnosed (2). Monitoring diabetes and improving life style for such patients is also a big challenge for current healthcare. To address this global health issue, we have investigated immunological serum and salivary biomarkers for diabetes using molecular arrays, namely cytokine and growth factor kit I from Randox Laboratories Ltd, London, UK.



diabetes, biomarkers, saliva testing


Saiful, S., Gunawardena, T., Hall, A., Alsubaie, N., Chauhan, K., Desai, U., Furmonaviciene, R., Sahota, T. and Taylor, J. (2019) Immunological Biomarkers for Diabetes Management. The COINS 2019 International Conference of Life Sciences, Vilnius, Lithuania, February 2019.


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